Date : 2018 Wednesday 16 May
Code 145

Stablishment of Structural Earthquake Engineering Laboratory

Structural Earthquake Engineering Laboratory (SEE-Lab), Department of Civil Engineering (DCE), University of Bonab (UniBon), is established to be involved in the up-to-date research and development efforts aimed at earthquake protection of structures.
Department of Civil Engineering         SSE-Lab
SEE-Lab/DCE-UniBon has recently been equipped with a unidirectional shaking table, capable of simulating the effects of full-scale earthquakes on model-scale structures. The Shaking Table (ST-UniBon) has been commercially localized, for the first time in the country, through a research project collaborated with SANTAM engineering design company.
ST-UniBon has basically been designed based on the technical characteristics of the unidirectional shaking table located at the University of Basilicata, Italy.
The major technical characteristics of ST-UniBon including both mechanical system (hydraulic power pack, hydraulic actuator, table, and retaining frame) and control system (servo valve, measurement devices, and computers) are reported in the table below:

Item ST-UniBon
Description Technical Details
Mechanical System Hydraulic Power Pack 200 l, 40 lpm, 200 bar
Hydraulic Actuator 5 ton, 20 cm/s, 300 mm
Table 1.2 m * 1.5 m
Retaining Frame Single Column (Adjustable)
Control System Servo Valve MOOG
Measurement Devices 5 kHz
Control Box 16 Digital I/O
Computers Three Parallel
Testing capabilities at SEE-Lab/DCE-UniBon are quasi-static testing, effective force testing, pseudo-dynamic testing, shaking table testing, and hybrid testing.

Head of Laboratory
Prof. (Asst.) Dr. Eng.
Peyman Narjabadifam
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