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Stablishment of Structural Earthquake Engineering Laboratory

Structural Earthquake Engineering Laboratory (SEE-Lab), Department of Civil Engineering (DCE), University of Bonab (UniBon), is established to be involved in the up-to-date research and development efforts aimed at earthquake protection of structures.
2018 Wednesday 16 May

University of BONAB has been successfully represented at the 7th International Congress of Caucasus Universities Association (KUNIB)

Prof Dr. Karim Abbasian, president of University of Bonab participated at the 7th International Congress of the Caucasus Universities Association (KÜNİB)
2018 Monday 09 Apr

Workshop on LabView and its applications

3-day training workshop on “Practical Applications of LabView Software”
2018 Sunday 08 Apr

University of Bonab president visited the Erzurum region universities in Turkey

The Head of the University of Bonab and the delegation at the visit of the Atatürk and Erzurum Teknik Universities of Turkey, signed the Memorandum of Understanding of Mevlana Exchenge Program in following by an agreement on the Memorandum of Understanding signed on November 27, 2017 by the University of Bonab and the Atatürk University.
2018 Sunday 08 Apr

University of Bonab became a member of the Caucasus University Association (KÜNİB)

University of Bonab joined KÜNİB on March, 2018 and signed an MoU for collaborative work whiten the MEVLANA EXCHANGE PROGRAMME.
2018 Sunday 08 Apr

Workshop on Labview and its applications

The Faculty of Engineering at University of Bonab held a 3-day training workshop entitled “Practical Applications of LabView Software” conducted by Prof. Mehmat Ertughrul from Ataturk University.
2018 Monday 05 Mar